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About us2021-11-08T17:39:59+01:00

About us

Fallen in love
In the summer of 2016 we arrive with all we have at the Austrian ‘Zmuln Hill’. In Zmuln we settle down in an old, wooden farmhouse with an historic apartment house; in the Netherlands we leave behind many dear relatives, friends, a nice house with B&B, a lovely garden and good jobs.
What’s wrong with us? We have fallen in love! In love with the quietness and wideness of the mountains with their white tops and blue lakes. Living close to nature, experiencing all seasons thoroughly, sensing a link with the past – that’s what suits us. An unforgetable winter, exploring, renovating and restoring, is to follow, untill -June 2017- the doors of Freudenhof are opened widely for guests whom we take in with much pleasure.

Harold (then 47, now 52)
host, copy writer, lorry driver, handyman, dreamer-of-being-a-farmer, joker, father, husband

Jeannette (then 45, now 50)
hostess, mother, wife of… , writer, editor, translator, needlewoman

Maria (then 13, now 18)
student at Tanzenberg Gymnasium, doctor-to-be (or is it something else now?), western freak, horse rider, daughter, sister

Matthias (then 12, now 17)
hunter-to-be, student at the Neue Mittelschule (but not because he wants to), lover of nature, amateur art painter, son, brother

Rachel (then 9, now 15)
wanna-be farmer , horse rider, student at Tanzenberg Gymnasium, passionate lover of animals as you seldom met, daughter, little sister